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Aug 22

Coming soon …

by Harrison • August 22, 2007

News Flash

We are preparing to roll out a big feature next week. It gives a completely different look and feel to the site, and so far our friends and families really like it.

If you want to take a sneak peek of this shiny new feature, take a guess of what it is by commenting below. We will then send you a preview invitation :)

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8 Responses to Coming soon …

  1. jef says: Aug 23rd, 2007


  2. Elroy Jetson says: Aug 23rd, 2007


  3. Bob says: Aug 23rd, 2007

    More hedgehogs?

  4. harrison says: Aug 23rd, 2007

    I won’t disclose the answer on this blog until we rolled out the feature (don’t want to spoil the fun of guessing for others). I will email each of you individually for the preview though :)

    More hedgehogs is a very nice suggestion, but we won’t do that for this upcoming release.

  5. Alan says: Aug 24th, 2007

    Custom widgets / badges ??

  6. Andrea says: Aug 24th, 2007

    Support for SourceForge / Google Code “social networks?”

  7. harrison says: Aug 27th, 2007

    As you might have found out by now, the answer is “themes”. We got a lot of complaints about our previous dark design. It’s not very traditional (we like to be different), and people seems to like the Web 2.0 feel more. Well, instead of toning down the black skin further, we have come out with a completely new design.

    The coolest thing is that we didn’t throw out the old design. You now have 4 different skins to choose from, and we are working on more.

    Lastly, you should also check out the new help balloons. It will highlight the advanced features that you probably have never noticed before.

  8. bathroom suites says: Jan 25th, 2010

    Food for thought.

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