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Sep 21

Spokeo at Plug and Play

by Harrison • September 21, 2007

The Spokeo Perspective

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet some interesting new start-ups and demo Spokeo at the Plug and Play Expo in Sunnyvale. Plug and Play’s Expo is hosted twice a year to give up and coming start-ups a chance to gain exposure for their products or services.

It was nice opportunity to get out of the office and talk about Spokeo. The overall response to our service was very positive and I gathered valuable feedback from other participants at the expo. Spokeo’s table was between two very different start-ups, one focused on user generated content and the second focused on limiting access to content. Collegewikis.com and ScreenerKey. Collegewikis enables students to share their notes online. Similar to wikipedia the notes are editable so students can add to the body of information about a class or a lecture. ScreenKey was a tool for parents to monitor the amount of time their children watched television everyday, when the alloted time for TV viewing is over the device will start to emit a audible alarm. The spirit of innovation is alive and well in the Silicon Valley.



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