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Feb 05

Search for friends

by Harrison • February 5, 2008

People Search, Product Highlights & Updates

We’ve just released an update that revamps our entire friend-finding usage flow. Our previous design was modeled after AIM and Yahoo Messenger, in which you have to press "+" to access any friend-finding functionality. Many people didn’t get that design analogy.

After reading all your feedback, we’ve realized that people want "search." We sat down and refocused the Spokeo interface around search. Now you can see a prominent search bar on the very top. If you want to import your friends, just click on "import" next to the search bar.

Try it out! I hope these changes will make Spokeo even simpler to use than before.

Up until this week, we didn’t have a designer on hand, so the search bar isn’t pretty by any means. Raphael, our new artist, will be improving our graphics, as well as making our minimalist design even cleaner.

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9 Responses to Search for friends

  1. Joseph Cheek says: Feb 13th, 2008

    But how do I add an RSS feed? “Search for friend” doesn’t seem to mean add an arbitrary RSS feed, and it doesn’t work either.

  2. erik says: Feb 14th, 2008


  3. harrison says: Feb 15th, 2008

    Hey Joseph, what you’ve described sounds like a bug. Do you mind sending me that blog’s URL that you were trying to add?

    Anyway, you should be able to add any RSS feed as a friend.

  4. julie says: Feb 21st, 2008

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  5. 陳昌薇 says: Feb 22nd, 2008


  6. asoom says: Oct 2nd, 2008

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  8. Roosevelt Mckeighan says: Jan 24th, 2010

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