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May 31

Don’t forget to submit your stories for a chance to win!

by Nasrin • May 31, 2010

News Flash

We want to know: How have you been using Spokeo? Whether you’re a casual browser or a Premium subscriber, you can enter to win these magnetic desk dots to store pictures, cards, notes and more!  We’ll also send you a special, Spokeo promotional item.

Check the desk dots in action here!

 Post your story in the comments section, or shoot me an email at nasrin@spokeo.com!


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2 Responses to Don’t forget to submit your stories for a chance to win!

  1. Carolyn Cain says: Jun 1st, 2010

    I looked myself up and found a lot of incorrect information. Why?

  2. Katie says: Jun 8th, 2010

    Hi Carolyn,

    Since Spokeo is an information aggregator and gathers information from 3rd party sources, we can’t guarantee that the information will be accurate. We are only as good as our sources. However, we are working hard on acquiring more sources to search from and to improve our data accuracy. Our future plans include giving our users more control over their information.

    Also, feel free to submit an entry for our contest. Thanks!

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