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May 17

People Search: Forbes’ Celebrity Top 100

by Vanessa • May 17, 2012

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Yesterday, Forbes released their Celebrity Top 100 and although all of their lists are pretty exciting, we love the celebs. Most of the magazine’s lists are based purely on earnings, but this one is special as it’s based on a combo of money and fame. Let’s take a closer look at their top ten.

1. Jennifer Lopez: The “In Living Color” flygirl has done well for herself after a $20 million contract on Idol and a divorce from singer Marc Anthony. Her love may not cost a thing, but she’s still earned enough this year to unseat Lady Gaga for the number 1 spot.

2. Oprah Winfrey: She was number 1 two years ago, but after a hard year with the struggling OWN network she still makes more than anyone else on the list.

3. Justin Bieber: Only 18 years old, the teenage singer and heartthrob prides himself on also being a budding venture capitalist.

4. Rihanna: Though she’s making her acting debut in “Battleship” the singer’s music career and endorsements are what have helped her climb her way up this list.

5. Lady Gaga: Last’s year’s number one celebrity. According to Forbes, she dropped down the list because of a lack of touring, but is due credit for her tremendous social media influence.

6. Britney Spears: She was missing from last year’s list, but after a new album, an engagement and a year of touring, the former pop princess is back in the game.

7. Kim Kardashian: She makes much less than the others in the top 10 with only $18 million in earnings, but her wedding to NBA player, Kris Humphries, brought 10 million viewers to E! and her divorce 72 days later garnered even more attention.

8. Katy Perry: “Now look at me I’m sparkling” claims Perry in her single rehashing her recent divorce from comedian and actor Russell Brand.  With $45 million in earnings and five number one singles from the same album we definitely see some sparkle.

9. Tom Cruise: He’s managed to overcome some publicity faux pas (jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch) and landed in the top ten thanks to his character Jon Voight in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which earned $700 million in box offices world wide.

10. Steven Spielberg: He had two Oscar-nominated films last year and continues to take on the small screen with hit shows. He may be number 10 when fame is considered, but when you’re just counting chips, he comes in at number 3.

Congrats to all of the stars! For the full list visit Forbes.

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