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Dec 07

Good Game: Wishing our CSO well!

by Vanessa • December 7, 2012

Inside Spokeo

Here at Spokeo, we’re extremely proud of the creative and inspirational individuals on our team. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Emanuel Pleitez has not only led our efforts to engage with policy makers and  help reunite families here at Spokeo, but he’s been also been in the race for the upcoming seat for Mayor of Los Angeles. He’s always been the ever-committed individual and he’s moving on to chase this dream full-time.

Emanuel, you’ve been a motivator, a competitor and a true leader for our team. We trust that every day will continue to be “one of the best days of your life” (Emanuel’s typical response when asked how the day is going) and  we wish you the very best!!

For more information on Emanuel’s campaign and to provide support, please visit www.pleitezforla.com


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