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Jul 03

Spokeo’s Phone Search on MTV’s Catfish

by Vanessa • July 3, 2013

News Flash

 Catfish: Nev and Max

On last night’s episode of MTV’s Catfish, the reality show that helps those in questionable online relationships confirm the identity of their love interest, Nev and Max help Anthony discover that his online love, Marq isn’t who he’s claiming to be. Nev and Max use Spokeo’s reverse phone search to learn that the cell number Anthony has been calling Marq on actually belongs to a man named Framel… Things continue to unravel (or line up) from there. Watch the episode here.

Catfish: Spokeo

Spokeo’s tools can be helpful in so many ways. From researching dates in person (remember our first dates and phone numbers post?) or helping you answer questions about an online love interest, make sure you have all of the tools at your disposal!

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4 Responses to Spokeo’s Phone Search on MTV’s Catfish

  1. RJ says: Jul 9th, 2013

    Spokeo is a grate tool! It has helped me out big time. Thank You.

  2. riki lee says: Oct 30th, 2013

    HELLO I AND MY FRIEND NEED YOUR HELP. this girl has been talking to me and my friend for a few months i am a female she and i were getting to be close friends on facebook and texting my guy friend he was dating her they broke up today and she del her facebook i was gonna meet up with her saturday i live a hr away from her she lives in vegas. TO KEEP ME AND MY FRIEND SAFE I WANNA KNOW IF THIS GIRL IS REALLY WHO SHE IS her # is 17029560298 and she gose by shaylynn gifford can you please do a number search for us? thanks…

  3. Vanessa says: Nov 7th, 2013

    Hi Riki,

    Feel free to purchase a Spokeo subscription and search the number. Let us know how it goes! Thanks and good luck.

  4. LAURA says: Mar 8th, 2015

    I live in the Highands of Scotland
    my name is Laura I love your show and I would to do this here as so many people hurt due to their lies………………I dislike lies and dishonesty……………….Love you guys***********

    I am willing to come to the States to meet you…. your both *light* and tremendous.

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