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Aug 22

Spokeo Kids Day!

by Vanessa • August 22, 2014

Inside Spokeo, News Flash

Spokeo Kids Day

Last Friday, the Spokeo team hosted almost 30 kids for a day of fun, learning and bonding!

The children of Spokeo’s employees arrived at the Spokeo offices early in the morning for a fun celebration of “take your kids to work day.” The day’s activities included a family tree building session, arts and crafts, an office tour, games, lunch and more!

Family Tree

Each Spokeo kid, decked out in their special t-shirts, got a balloon, and a goody bag filled with tiny presents. After the office tour, which included a “trick or treat” type of session with a new little gift at every department, one of which was manned by a pirate.


From babies who crawled on our specially-brought-in mats, to the adolescents who took over the pool tables and game consoles, it was the best way to top off the summer and send these little ones back to school.





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