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Product Highlights & Updates

May 23

Spokeo Info-Bubble RIP

by Patrick • May 23, 2011

You sometimes have to part with the ones you love. Such is the case with the Spokeo Info-Bubble. You may remember the Info-Bubble as the friendly/annoying window that would pop up during your name searches with a small "sneak-preview" of sorts with some of the information included in the full report. "Here’s just some of […]

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May 12

Spokeo Rolls With the Changes

by Patrick • May 12, 2011

Our crafty designers have done it again, with a bevy of stylish modifications for your visual enjoyment and ease of use. Let me count the ways: -I’ll start with the one you are looking at: our new blog! We’ve been angling for a new blog design for a while now. Oh sure, the old layout […]

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Apr 27

What’s Your Sign? – Spokeo’s New Astrological Section

by Patrick • April 27, 2011

Legendary science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke was once asked about whether he believed in astrology. His reply has become equally legendary: I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical. Astrology has been around in one form or another for thousands of years, and remains popular as ever. People are fascinated by […]

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Mar 29

(Slightly, Semi, Sort of) Spokeo Extreme Makeover!

by Patrick • March 29, 2011

I’ve been blogging a lot recently about makeovers, our President’s included. Guess what? I’m about to do it again! And for a good reason, too. We here at Spokeo are committed to making our site the most user-friendly, navigable people search website on the net. As such, our engineers and design team are always thinking […]

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Mar 08

Spokeo Name Search and Email Search Update

by Patrick • March 8, 2011

Spokeo is getting a makeover! Well, sort of. It’s not a Harrison Tang-size makeover by any means, but it is a change. Remember last week when I blogged about our new and improved phone search page? (No?! How dare you?). Well, we have gone ahead and extended this design concept to our email search and […]

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Feb 22

Spokeo Phone Search – New and Improved

by Patrick • February 22, 2011

We like you. We like you so much, in fact, that we’re continually tweaking our website to better meet your people search needs. User feedback is crucial for a website like ours: we depend on you for suggestions and, yes, criticism (but not too much: our engineers are sensitive souls). Spokeo may have the technology […]

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Dec 27

Username Search Has Arrived!

by Harrison • December 27, 2010

Have you ever had the experience of forgetting the name of the person behind the AIM screen name?  I’ve been using AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) since high school, and my contact list today has more than one hundred people. I haven’t talked to a lot of these old friends for a while, so I only […]

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Apr 08

New Features & Privacy Protection

by Harrison • April 8, 2010

If you’ve been using Spokeo regularly, you’d probably notice that we’ve been making improvements on Spokeo almost every other day.  We get thousands of emails a day, but we still do try to reply back to every single one of them – even if it’s not within 24 hours like we used to.  We will […]

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Jun 10

Spokeo Email Research Tool

by Harrison • June 10, 2009

We’ve just released our new email research tool.  This new tool pilots Spokeo 3.0 people search capabilities, which include an improved user interface, more powerful username heuristics, business-information aggregation, faster performance, and more.  We will deploy this new search tool to all our users in the coming weeks.  Please stay tuned as we roll out […]

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May 04

Goodbye to Themes

by Harrison • May 4, 2009

This morning, we officially ended our support for themes and skins.  We first introduced the theme / personalization feature on August 27, 2007, and we had been slowly adding new designs over the last one and a half years.  Below are the first two themes that we launched with the Spokeo 2.0 release: Themes are […]

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