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Spokeo Reunions

Apr 16

Spokeo Reunions – Fred and Bubba

by Vanessa • April 16, 2015

If there’s any story that deserves to be told it’s that of Fred and his friend Bubba. Fred, Bubba and their wives were all very close when they lived in Fort Knox, KY. But as all young couples’ lives take them on different adventures, Fred and his wife headed for Germany and Bubba and his […]

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Mar 04

Spokeo Reunions: Linda Finds an Old Friend

by Vanessa • March 4, 2015

We love hearing and sharing stories about how people have used Spokeo to find someone who was missing in their life. Usually it’s someone looking for family, but every once in a while, we’re touched by a story from someone who found a person that means just as much–or more, than family. Linda was that person. […]

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Jan 08

6 Ways to Reconnect With Loved Ones in 2015

by Spokeo • January 8, 2015

Our world is a busy place and it’s easy to lose touch with loved ones whether they live in the same country, the same state, or even in your house. In such disconnected times, are there steps we can take to reconnect with loved ones? Of course there are! We here at Spokeo love nothing […]

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Nov 11

3 Heartwarming Stories of Veterans Reuniting

by Spokeo • November 11, 2014

Veteran’s Day is a time of reflection and thankfulness. There are currently more than 20,000,000 veterans alive and well in the United States, from WWII all the way through the Iraq War. It’s important to remember to thank the veterans in your life on Veteran’s Day and also to be grateful for their service! In […]

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Sep 05

Spokeo Reunions: One Night of Searching Leads to Years of Memories

by Vanessa • September 5, 2014

Latesha had been disconnected from her father’s family for more than 20 years. She’d used Spokeo in the past for other things, but one evening she decided it was time to do some searching for family. She had a few names she knew for certain and began to type those into the Spokeo Search bar, […]

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Jun 27

Technology and Reunions

by Vanessa • June 27, 2014

It’s obvious. Here at Spokeo, we love reunions and we love technology. We especially love when technology is responsible for making reunions happen. Our product is dedicated to helping individuals research one another in hopes that we’ll bring more people together. We’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting the volunteers that reunite adoptees and their families through our Spokeo […]

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Aug 12

Spokeo Search Angel Reunions: A Birthmother’s Journey

by Vanessa • August 12, 2013

Spokeo Search Angel Award winner Mary Wilson helped Karen Erickson reunite with her son. Karen was kind enough to share her beautiful story with us…  My child was born in the Summer of Love, 1967. I was 17 years old and dependent on my single mother for support. Like most unwed mothers at that time, […]

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May 11

A Mother’s Day Reunion: An Inspirational True Story

by Vanessa • May 11, 2013

Helen was only 15 years old in April of 1992 when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. At the time she was living with her parents in the Cleveland, Ohio area and the baby was given up for adoption but she never forgot about that little boy. Meanwhile, one loving family had been […]

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Apr 22

Spokeo Search Angels at the AAC National Conference on Adoption

by Vanessa • April 22, 2013

By now, you probably know how proud we are of the five Spokeo Search Angel Award winners! A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be able to gather four out of the five winners in Cleveland at the American Adoption Congress (AAC) International Conference on Adoption. We’re inspired daily by the stories […]

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Nov 20

Spokeo helps a 50-year High School Reunion

by Vanessa • November 20, 2012

We can’t say enough about how much we love to help connect people. From families, to veterans we love knowing that every day, people are finding their friends and family because they used our search tools. Back in August, we heard from Ginny who told us she was using our site to connect with former […]

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